Day 24, May 27th: All Aboard

Today we drove down to San Pedro to visit the USS Iowa, a battleship of the Iowa class. She is the last battleship that could technically still be re-activated by the Navy.

The tour onboard was self-guided with volunteers spread throughout the ship telling the history of the ship. There were some sections of the ship we couldn’t see unfortunately, as the inside of a gun tower or the engine rooms.

We then went on to walk to the piers in San Pedro. We were surprised to see lots and lots of small restaurants and food stands with all sorts of seafood and tons of people. We had a quick snack before boarding a ship for a two-hour whale watching tour. We were lucky enough to see a humpback whale as well as several dolphins and a couple sea lions.

I really enjoyed that part, standing at the railing on the bow of the ship, going up and down. It was just a tad too windy for my taste but I’m willing to do that again any time.

From San Pedro we drove to Santa Monica and walked along the beach, Tim partly in the pacific, and down the Santa Monica Pier. Even though it was windy, and not very warm that day, there were still lots of people actually going into the pacific. I’d love to come back here when the weather’s a bit better. Maybe another time.

For dinner, we went to Tam O’Shanter, the casual dining spot belonging to Lawry’s the Prime Rib. Tam O’Shanter looks like an old-timey Scottish pub and I went for the prime rib, which was really awesome. Together with mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, and gravy. If you happen to be in LA, I would highly recommend going there and enjoy a very tasty cut of meat.


We then went on and drove along Mulholland Drive for a while, getting some nice looks over LA at night but since all the vantage points up there close at sundown we weren’t really able to get some good pictures in before going back to our Airbnb.

Photo by Sebastian

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