Day 25, May 28th: The Worst



Our last full day in the US and I can easily say, this was the worst day of the trip but let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

As I have mentioned before, I quite enjoy having buffet breakfasts and we decided to go for it while we were still here. Since there is no Golden Corral in the area we went to a Home Town Buffet. Let me get this straight first. I do understand that these are fairly cheap places and you are not to expect quality there but Home Town Buffet…

The variety was worse than GC, the food was worse, and it was even more expensive. Probably the first and last time I’ve ever been there.

Afterwards we went to a Walmart real quick and Tim said he’d stay in the car. I kept the key in my pocket when we walked away and locked the car, he had the window down for some fresh air. Since it was still too hot he decided to open the door. Unfortunately, the car at this point decided to set off the alarm. My cell was still muted due to it being quite early so I did not receive any notifications about texts etc. Great start to a day, isn’t it? Well, hang in there. It gets even better!

This was the last day we wanted to use our Go Los Angeles Card so we originally thought about going to Downtown straight away. We changed our plans to going to Madame Tussauds first though, since it was close to the subway station and also included in our passes. When we arrived there however, we were told that our passes had expired even though we only used them on two days, not three.

We called the customer service and found out that the USS Iowa seemingly has a problem with their system, booking the wrong dates on these cards. They issued new one-day passes and we went to get some coffee while we waited.

Madame Tussauds itself is, well, I don’t know. The tickets are usually about $30 bucks and in my opinion, not really worth it. I can see that it takes a lot of time and expertise to create these wax figures and they look really good. But $30 for something that you’ll do in under two hours seems a bit excessive to me.

We went to the subway and rode downtown where we took a quick peek at the Bradbury Building. It’s famous for the architecture inside of the building, featured in films like Bladerunner, 500 Days of Summer, or one of the Twix commercials as the factory for either of the two sides (can’t remember which one). The outside is pretty ordinary though.

Before going to the US Bank Tower we grabbed a quick coffee at Blue Bottle. The concept is pretty cool, the coffee beans are ground fresh for every cup of coffee and you can actually see them brewing it with a filter and hot water, the coffee itself didn’t taste that great (to me at least).

Next up was the US Bank Tower with their fairly new observation deck. We walked over there and it seems to me like downtown LA, like downtown Dallas, is pretty much dead. Maybe we were in the wrong part of downtown but there was basically nothing but office buildings and a couple of places to get food.

Once we were up on the observation deck the look over LA was pretty disappointing I have to admit. LA doesn’t have a lot of skyscrapers really that make for an interesting look as in New York for example. LA is just pretty spread out, big mass of concrete but nothing too spectacular. The hills and the Hollywood sign in the other hand are a bit too far away to actually make something out there.

We hopped back on the subway and drove out to Santa Monica to grab one of these Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tours that would lead us to Beverly Hills, also included in our pass, after we snapped a quick picture of the sign that determines the end of Route 66. The ride was very scenic only I didn’t have my headphones with me, I didn’t want to grab any on the bus (I also didn’t realize we could do this when we got on), and they didn’t put the English audio on speakers so… I was kind of ok with not hearing anything but the fact that we had to wait about 30-40 minutes for the bus made for a pretty bad experience, too.

When we arrived in Beverly Hills we took a quick look around, walked down Rodeo Drive and the street that clearly was the place where the first heist in GTA V happened before heading back to our Airbnb.

Next on our list was going up to the Griffith Observatory. It was about 6 pm and we thought yeah, we can clearly make it up there before dawn and take some pictures with and without sunlight. Oh, how wrong we were…

We read the day after that Sunday evenings are the most popular evenings to go up there which meant, for us, being stuck in a traffic jam up the hill for about 2-3 hours without being able to find a parking spot.

On our way down we decided to grab a bite to eat so we went to the closest Fatburger. Fatburger isn’t called Fatburger because their burgers are greasier than others but they want the fat to be more understood as great and it can mainly be found in California.

And the burgers were above awesome. Honestly, this is probably the burger that beats 5 Guys and, as you all sure know, 5 Guys is pretty awesome already. The burger they put on the grill was just basically a ball of meat, flattened on the grill and cooked to perfection. It’s hard to say but this burger probably ruined all other burgers for me.


So we thought we’d at least end the day on a high but when we got back to our Airbnb, some dipshit was parked in our assigned spot… Our hosts were really nice and helpful and they ended up reimbursing us for public parking but all in all, this day was just the worst…


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