Day 26, May 29th/30th: Time to Say Goodbye


Our very last day, not only in the City of Angels, but also in the US. Our parking spot was free now, so we immediately picked up our car and put it back there since our hosts said it was ok to leave the car there till the afternoon, as long as the apartment was clear. So we put all our bags in it and headed off towards Sunset Blvd.

And on Sunset Blvd we were once again met by the not so nice side of tourism in LA. The (sometimes) assholes trying to sell you bus tours to the home of the stars! We walked past one of these fine human beings, politely, but firmly, declining his offer to sell us tickets by saying “no thank you”, and kept walking on, which led to a barrage of questions, which we ignored not to be pulled into a sales conversation, which lead to him heckling us.

I mean, I get it. You have a shitty dead-end job, trying to get by, by selling poor little tourists tours to houses of people who hate you for driving thousands of tourists past your house every day. But then again, you probably aren’t the first one trying to sell a certain person a tour and you probably won’t be the last one so, you should at least expect that sometimes people will tell you to fuck off, which we didn’t. We just ignored him after declining his very intriguing offer of a highly professional salesman, in sweatpants.

We walked for a good two hours till we hit a public market, where we sat down to eat. The problem here was though, there was way too much to choose from. I probably ran all over the place for a good 20 minutes before I finally settled for Cajun. I wanted to try the crawfish, but they were out so I decided to go for the frog legs instead, another dish that I never had before, with a side of jambalaya, collard greens, and cornbread.


The food was good, the frog legs were interesting but ultimately, they are very much like chicken in a sense that they don’t have much of a taste of their own but they’ll pretty much taste like whatever you season them with. Nonetheless, I would order them again.

We went back to the Airbnb and picked up our car to try our luck at the Griffith Observatory one more time. There was way less traffic this time but we didn’t think we could get any parking because there were a lot of people up there already. Right when we were at the top though the parked car right in front of us took off so we snagged that one. Great success!

From the observatory, which is closed on Mondays, you have a great look across the city and a got shot at the Hollywood sign, even though it’s still kind of far away. I would totally recommend the observatory over the US Bank Tower though. If you don’t want to drive up there you can also hike up, or take the bus.

From the observatory, we drove to the airport, where our ways parted after a few hours since Tim and Sebastian flew back home with Lufthansa while I was booked on a British Airways flight with an A380, which I was looking forward for.

Before boarding the plane, I went to get a Pizza at 800° Pizza, a small, local pizza chain mentioned by CGP Grey on the Hello Internet podcast and, he did not lie. The pizza was awesome. You order your pizza and then you can actually watch them make it for you, stretching out the dough, putting the sauce and your toppings on and then the pizza goes into a nice little wood-fired oven where it is cooked to perfection. This, was probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in my whole life.


Flying home on an A380 was pretty great too and I would also recommend flying British Airways. The service was great (two bottles of wine for dinner free of charge? Sign me up please!) and so was the entertainment. I dozed off pretty quickly though, slipping in and out of my slumber occasionally.

My connecting flight was in Heathrow, which worked out smoothly, and I was back in Germany at about 11 pm on the 30th.


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