I’ve had a couple of weeks now to look back at this trip and draw a final conclusion. I have really enjoyed both parts of the trip. Visiting Katie was fun and discovering Dallas on my own/with a local was a great experience.

The second part of the trip was way more touristy with my friends and we saw a lot of stuff, had long car rides across beautiful scenery. If I were to take this trip again I would do it over the course of three weeks, not two, and spend some more days in various parks to take more hikes, take shorter drives, and probably spend a day or two in Portland as well.

But we did it. We were on the road for 2181.7 miles and about 56.5 hours. And I would definitely do it again. What should I say? I just love road trips. Next thing I would like to do is either driving across Canada or from Boston to LA.


The part that felt most touristy for me was LA though, which was mainly my fault I guess. As I have mentioned before, we used a pass to go to various attractions. The pass cost $200 for three days and, even though we managed to get our money’s worth, the stuff we did most was “Ok, what else can we do that’s included in our passes?” instead of exploring other things in the city. As a result of this we did some stuff that we wouldn’t have done just because “we already paid for it”, like Madame Tussauds.

I was afraid that this would happen but getting these passes was ultimately my idea, so I have no one to blame for this except myself.

We also did some touristy things in Seattle and San Francisco of course, but it felt a lot heavier in LA.

I’m fairly happy that I got to try some “exotic” stuff that you’d not get usually, calf fries, oysters, or frog legs for example. To me, personally, exploring new, great food, is about as important as the sightseeing itself. Therefore, I’m also happy to have discovered Fatburger (which ruined every other burger for me!). Unfortunately, there are some things that I didn’t get to try/do. I would’ve loved to get some crawfish, some authentic Chinese food in Chinatown, or some more Mexican food.

Another thing this trip has shown me is how much I actually enjoy going for walks and it really set something off in me. The other day for example I went to get ice cream and after I got it I didn’t really feel like just walking back home again (the ice cream place is about 5 minutes away from my home), so I just went for a spontaneous hour-long walk. I really hope that I will be able to retain this passion.

I am already looking forward, and planning, my next trip to the US which will very likely take me to the Midwest. The start and end points are not yet fixed though.


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